Whether you are looking to start re-selling as a business or as an option to get some cash back from your own unused closet items, I'm hoping what I share in the course will prove helpful to YOU as you begin your journey.

Before deciding which course option is right for you, I recommend starting with this video as a bit of a preview to who I am. If you already know me, you know that I self-identify as awkward. Keep that in mind as you proceed.

Poshmark Selling Tutorial

Video Download
Selling on Poshmark 

List. Ship. Earn.


Throw caution to the wind and commit to the full weird experience through this 30 minute video. I explain the steps needed to start selling on Poshmark and offer tips while soaking in a hotel jacuzzi. (Fully clothed, of course.)

This option includes the Poshmark Crash Course Digital PDF.

Poshmark Selling Tutorial

Digital PDF Download

Poshmark Crash Course


Basic instructions for Poshmark beginners in an easy to read 8 page PDF download. Read the basics at your leisure with no frills and no funny business. Frequently asked questions are answered. Includes a handy guide to reseller vocabulary.


Poshmark Video and PDF Reviews

"The video was funny and informative at the same time. The instructor provides guidance and references her own experience on how to successfully sell on Poshmark. All of the information was helpful but one item that was really helpful for me was to understand how to ship on Poshmark. The shipping is standard up to five pounds. The buyer knows what their shipping costs will be and that makes for an easier transaction all around. Overall the video was great and will keep you entertained while learning."

Jaime H. / IG and Poshmark @Uncle_J_Thrifts

"The List. Ship. Earn. Selling on Poshmark video course from Grey Barn Door was irreverent, funny, self-deprecating, but most of all - informative! Jess’ style of presentation was unlike any other web courses I have taken before. It was easy to follow, gave me a list of tips and supplies that will further my selling business, and presented them in a way that made it seem simple and practical. Jess genuinely wants you to succeed at Poshmark! And she reminded me to practice some selfcare. I’m off to use a face mask and have a glass of wine…"

Kirsten K. / IG @kirstenkeimshendge / Poshmark @kirstenks

"Really fun and informal, like we're just hanging out and learning. The beginning of the video, around the 1:20 mark, might be progressing a little fast for some people to process. Overall, an easy to comprehend video."

John F

"The (PDF) crash course was great! I currently sell on other platforms but not Poshmark, so the pdf was a great way for me to "fill in the blanks". I like that it was relatively concise. Only 8 pages with a great layout for readability. It is a good reference guide to have handy while getting up to speed with selling on Poshmark."

Jaime H. / IG and Poshmark @Uncle_J_Thrifts

"I just downloaded and printed (I’m old fashioned and like paper) Grey Barn Door’s Poshmark Crash Course PDF. It was a perfect primer for getting started with selling on Poshmark. I’m not new to selling, but want to take my game to the next level (and to be fair, I’ve neglected my closet for a long time). Jess’ concise tips on getting started are perfect for someone starting out! Having the steps and the jargon at your fingertips are definitely a benefit for someone who is ready to start selling!"

Kirsten K. / IG @kirstenkeimshendge / Poshmark @kirstenks

"Very concise and easily understandable. Tips and jargon are especially useful to first time users."

John F


Secondhand shops including Community Aid and Salvation Army are my favorite places to find gently pre-loved (and even new with tags) items for myself as well as for the purpose of reselling. I also love finding items at consignment shops and yard sales.

For almost two years, I have been able to consistently sell between $1000 and $3000 worth of clothing and shoes monthly as a part-time reseller. At least 2/3 of that is profit, meaning the money I’ve earned after selling platform fees and expenses have been applied.

I love Poshmark for the user-friendly interface. Poshmark does the work of adding shipping costs to the buyer, processing payments and generating the shipping labels, sending them directly to the seller’s email account.


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